Frequently AskedQuestions

How does it work?

Once purchased, you will receive immediate access to your download (theme, installation guide, icons, and banner templates). Follow the step-by-step instructions to install your theme as soon as you want!

Is it designed for Shopify 2.0?

Yes! All themes are built for Shopify 2.0 ๐Ÿ™‚

Is it designed for mobile?

It sure is! This theme is designed for all devices.

Do I have to use every section?

Nope! You can hide or remove any section.

Can I customize the menu?

Yup! Completely customize every menu. Even make a drop down menu, if you want it.

Do I have to use every page?

Only use the pages you need. Or create new ones, using the page templates provided!

Can pages be added?

Yes! Add as many pages as you need. Build them easy with moveable sections, or use the page templates provided.

Would I be able to change the fonts of the website, or is that part of the theme?

Fonts are custom to each theme and coded into the theme. If you would like to add a specific font to your theme, simply add the custom font listing to your cart!

Is there a way for customers to create an account for themselves?

Of course! You can also toggle having the account icon in the menu and on checkout.

Can I add an Instagram feed into my new theme?

Yes! This can be done using an app called
Instafeed by Mintt Studio. All Gold Coast Creative themes are
compatible with this app.

Is a blog page included in this? Can I have a news page as well?

Yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Every theme includes the ability to have a blog and/or news page.

The drop downs under the product pages (material, shipping, etc.), are those editable?

Yes! Completely editable. Add icons. Remove, edit or move sections. This is true of most of the product page!

Do you offer theme installation? What does it include?

I do! Make it super easy for yourself, and have me install it for you.


Installationย includes:

โ€” Theme file install

โ€” Add logo to header & footer

โ€” Add social media links

โ€” Add your collections

โ€” Set up included pages as seen in demo (about, blog, contact, privacy policy, etc.)

โ€” Set up top navigation menu

โ€” Set up footer menus

โ€” Add logo to checkout page

โ€” Upload provided banners

โ€” Adding icons – if your theme contains icons


Installation doesn’t include the following:

โ€” Color change

โ€” Adding content to pages

โ€” Editing canva banners

โ€” Uploading products

โ€” Adding blog posts

โ€” Code changes

Am I able to change the colors of the headers and stuff?

Colors are custom to each theme and coded into the theme. If you would like to add a specific colors to your theme, simply add the custom colors listing to your cart!

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